Technical Support

We are ready to provide:

  • Malware and virus removal (Wordpress, Magento)

  • EC2 Cloud computing setup (incl. EC2 API scripting)

  • Virtualization (Xen, Vmware esxi)

  • Sites/Servers migration (Wordpress, plesk, directadmin, ispmanager, ispcongif, webmin, cpanel etc.)

  • Shared file systems (nfs, gfs)

  • Server security (filters on ports, traffic redirecting, routing, source routing, load balancing, flood protection DDOS)

  • Routing (source routing, statics, dynamics, rip, ospf, bgp)

  • Server performance optimization (Apache, Nginx, MySQL)

  • Mysql tuning - scripting tuning and tweaking for hardwear as well as for the load, etc.

  • Email (postfix+dovecod, exim, sendmail, qmail)

  • Backup, shell scripts, etc.

  • Win 2003\2008 - Active Directory\Terminal Server\ IIS \ Exchange \DNS \ WINS \ Mssql \ - setup, migration