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What we do
Business & product analysis

Our team provides guinadnce and support throughout the project. If you decide to cooperate with us, here is a short description of what will follow. The very first thing to be done is to find out the timeframe, scope and constraints to be dealt with. The next step is to choose the processes to go by. The output of these stages is a plan that shows how the final business case will be developed and delivered.

Web and mobile development

Piogroup Softare has had a great working experience of eight years. Being involved in diverse projects has given us a clear understanding of what works and what doesn't. Today we are a growing team of professionals with extensive knowledge in web & mobile development technologies and our focus is on delivering world class apps and web projects.

Technical support

What makes us stand out is the fact, that we aren't just technical services provider, we stay with our clients every step of the way. From day one, we offer you guidance, support and advice. All of the above are based on our extensive experience of helping our customers to implement their ideas efficiently.

How we work
Custom tailored projects
  • 01.
  • 02.
    Design stage
  • 03.
    Development sprints
  • 04.
    Testing phase
  • 05.
    Launch & maintenance

Discovery phase enables proper project estimation and planning. It’s the time to collect thoughts on what drives the ideas of the future project, to define your vision and mission statement or to outline overall requirements regarding functional and technical components. This is a crucial step in translating your vision into a high performing product. From basic analysis, through draft mockups and to clickable prototypes the client can see the ideas take shape.

Design stage

User experience (UX) designer architects the interaction between design elements, while the user interface (UI) designer builds the look and feel of your app. This is a multistep process with its many review stages. What you get is blueprints and visual direction, informing your engineers of the envisioned final product and about how interaction should move, feel and flow. The more your product varies, the higher the chances of your UX being original. Application designing will prove to be a multi-step process, and your results should be clear visual directions providing an abstraction of the final product.

Development sprints

Development phase involves building the actual product. On receiving system design documents, the work is divided in modules/units and actual coding is started. Since, in this phase the code is produced so it is the main focus for the developers. After each stage, the delivery team may demonstrate the work accomplished to the Business Analysts and tweaks and enhancements may be required.

Testing phase

The purpose of the Test Phase is to guarantee that system successfully built and tested in the Development Phase meets all requirements and design parameters. At the end of the Test Phase, the Development Team has completed a working, fully tested information system that meets all business and technical requirements. The approval of the Test Phase deliverables, the completion of the Test Phase project status review, and the approval to proceed to the next phase, signify the end of the Test Phase.

Launch & maintenance

Software applications often need to be upgraded or integrated with new systems the customer deploys. It is often necessary to provide additional testing of the software or version upgrades. During the maintenance phase, errors or defects may be found, either from direct user feedback or through additional software testing. Monitoring software performance and fixing such new issues are values included to the maintenance phase.

Flexible development teams
Dedicated team
Dedicated team is about setting up a more autonomous group of developers working full time for a client. PioGroup Software is taking care not only of all employee’s benefits, like office space, hardware, leaves, worktools, but also of professional development, wellbeing and entertainment.
Time and material
Time & Material engagement model suggests that billing is based on actual time invested into the development and actual cost of materials and equipment used. This model is flexible for changing time-frames and needs for resources. It’s generally used in projects likely to change during the development or when it’s hard to estimate the size of the whole project.
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We, at Accord Real Estate Group would like to express our sincere thanks for a job well done. We are very grateful to Piogroup company for assisting us in resolving all issues with our website and helping us to achieve great results on Google and other Search Engines. Your professionalism, expertise and quick response to all our questions and worries made our experience with you very rewarding. We highly recommend your services to everybody who needs either develop a new web site or to optimize the existing one.



In the last decade, Piogroup Software has helped my business craft two different marketing and image strategies. They offered a thoughtful and consultative process each time, and I am most impressed by the quality of the work and focus on my needs as a client.


Heading the development of GiftAccept from concept to a Live working e-commerce website I've had the pleasure to work with Alex the head of PioGroup and his team and was very pleased by the speed and sophistication with which the complete solution was delivered to us. As any innovative development projects starting from a simple idea and concept, the issues that we encountered were minimal and dealt with very effectively and fast. All in all the development of Gift Accept website and Facebook e-commerce solutions went very smoothly and the result was a resounding success.



I express my appreciation to the Piogroup team for their work! I want to mention a very important aspect - it is a constant support and solving of all the issues and tasks on the site while it works. Thanks for the site and your tech support!

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And a few words about us

PioGroup Software is an agile development agency, focused on custom web and mobile solutions for a wide range of companies from both B2B and B2C areas.

The company has evolved around a few core principles: quality over quantity, under-promise and over-deliver, and taking pride in our work. We take on projects that will challenge us, and get excited about elegant solutions to complex problems. Most importantly, we want to invest in our people - we encourage continuous learning and development and aim for a high standard of our team.

Key people

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Alexander Burmistrov
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Olga Shapran
PR & Marketing
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