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What we do
Complex CRM/ERP Products

Complex CRM/ERP Products



Server-side API

Server-side API

Technical support

Technical support

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps
Business and product analysis
Business and product analysis
How we work
Custom tailored projects
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    Design stage
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    Development sprints
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    Testing phase
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    Launch & maintenance

The discovery phase enables proper project estimation and planning. It’s the time to collect thoughts on what drives the ideas of the future project, to define your vision and mission statement, or to outline overall requirements regarding functional and technical components. This is a crucial step in translating your vision into a high-performance product. From basic analysis, through draft mock-ups and to clickable prototypes; the client can see their ideas take shape.

Design stage

Our user experience (UX) designers develop the interaction between design elements, while our user interface (UI) designers build the look and feel of your app. This is a multi-step process with many review stages. What you get are blueprints and a visual direction, informing your engineers of the envisioned final product and about how interaction should feel, move, and flow. The more your product varies, the higher the chances of your UX being original. Application design involves several stages and results in clear visual directions that provide an abstraction of the final product.

Development sprints

The development phase involves building the actual product. Upon receiving system design documents, the work is divided in modules/units and the actual coding begins. As this phase sees the production of code, development sprints are the main focus for developers. After each stage, the delivery team may demonstrate the work accomplished to Business Analysts, as well as making any tweaks and enhancements that may be required.

Testing phase

The purpose of the Testing Phase is to guarantee that the system successfully built and tested in the Development Phase meets all requirements and design parameters. At the end of the Testing Phase, the development team will have completed a working, fully-tested information system that meets all the client’s business and technical requirements. The approval of the Testing Phase deliverables, the completion of the Testing Phase project status review, and the approval to proceed to the next phase, all signify the end of the Test Phase.

Launch & maintenance

Software applications often need to be upgraded or integrated with any new systems the customer may deploy. It is often necessary to provide additional testing for software or version upgrades. During the maintenance phase, errors or defects may be found and corrected, either from direct user feedback or through additional software testing. Monitoring software performance and fixing any new issues are included in the maintenance phase.

Flexible development teams
Dedicated team
A dedicated team is about setting up an autonomous group of developers who working full time for a client. PioGroup Software takes care of all employee benefits, such as our shared office space and welcoming working environment, effective hardware and work tools, but we also take a strong interest in the professional development, personal well-being and off-the-clock entertainment of all our employees.
Time and material
Our Time & Material engagement model means that billing is based on actual time invested in the development and actual cost of materials and equipment used. This model is flexible according to changing time-frames and the need for resources. It serves as an appropriate framework for projects that are likely to change during the development phase or when it’s hard to estimate the size of the whole project.
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An e-learning management system for employee training
Website and CRM for Private Online/Offline Schools
Mobile Application for Students’ Communities
Mobile Application for Mental Health Improvement

Karen Litinsky and Adrian Robertson,
Co-founders of Ego-Less Inc

Sergey Belobrov,
CEO of Spalah

Tetiana Bohdan,
HR Manager at Kachorovska

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And a few words about us

PioGroup is one of the most dynamically developing group of companies with more than 10 years of experience in EdTech Products development & IT Outstaffing services with a full-range ecosystem for international customers business.

We offer international companies from the EdTech industry a wide variety of services for opening or scaling an IT department in cost-effective locations from IT Recruiting and Payroll & accounting services to IT Infrastructure and Real estate and Facility management.

Headquartered in the UK with offices development hubs in Central and Eastern Europe, PioGroup provides a cross-functional global delivery model which reduces software development costs while increasing speed to market.


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