PioGroup's Experience at the Austrian EdTech Summit 2024

The Austrian EdTech Summit 2024, held on May 7th in the picturesque city of Salzburg, was an exceptional gathering of educators, EdTech innovators, founders, developers, public administrators, and researchers.

Anastasiia Dyshkant

Content Marketing Manager


The Austrian EdTech Summit 2024, held on May 7th in the picturesque city of Salzburg, was an exceptional gathering of educators, EdTech innovators, founders, developers, public administrators, and researchers. As representatives of PioGroup, we were thrilled to participate in this prestigious event, which provided a dynamic platform for sharing ideas, exploring new technologies, and discussing the future of education.

A Day of Insightful Engagement

This year's Summit was part of the Strategy Labs project and saw the European EdTech Alliance (EEA) taking a leading role. The EEA curated the official networking area, creating opportunities for participants to collectively address challenges and solutions related to quality assurance in EdTech. Throughout the day, the EEA team facilitated various engaging formats, including guided networking sessions and a listening session with two EdTech companies that were awarded the OeAD LernApps Gütesiegel quality certification.

Networking Sessions on Trust and Evidence

The two guided networking sessions were particularly enlightening. They encouraged attendees to delve into the themes of trust and evidence in educational technology. These sessions were instrumental in fostering open dialogue among participants, allowing us to share our insights and hear diverse perspectives from other stakeholders in the EdTech community.

Listening Session with Quality-Certified EdTech Companies

Another highlight was the listening session with the quality-certified EdTech companies. This session provided a unique opportunity to understand the criteria and processes behind their certification, offering valuable lessons for our own quality assurance practices.

Engaging with Young Learners

A standout feature of the Summit was the session conducted with local students aged 10 and 11. This session added a fresh dimension to the discussions by incorporating the viewpoints of the end-users of EdTech products. Hearing directly from the students about their experiences and preferences gave us deeper insights into the practical applications of our products and the impact of digital learning tools.

Key Challenges and Potential Solutions

Throughout the day, various challenges and potential solutions in the EdTech sector were identified:

  1. Cooperation:

    The importance of multi-party involvement in quality assurance was emphasized. Collaborative efforts among different stakeholders are crucial for maintaining high standards in educational technology.

  2. Cultural Considerations

    :Cultural nuances play a significant role in shaping trust and evidence in EdTech. Acknowledging these differences is vital for developing effective solutions.

  3. Transparency and Ethics:

    There were concerns about the profit-driven motives of some private sector EdTech organizations. Ensuring transparency and ethical conduct is essential for building trust.

  4. Data Collection Practices

    :Defining good practices in data collection and addressing the knowledge gap among stakeholders were highlighted as key areas for improvement.

  5. Unified Standards:

    The lack of clear, yet adaptable standards for EdTech tools was a shared concern. Establishing such standards would help in achieving consistency and reliability.

  6. Independent Evaluation Processes:

    The need for independent evaluation and transparent certification procedures was voiced to foster trust and credibility in the industry.

Collaborative Solutions

The participants brainstormed several potential solutions to these challenges, such as:

  • Creating cooperative frameworks involving multiple stakeholders.

  • Developing culturally sensitive approaches to EdTech.

  • Implementing transparent and ethical practices across all levels of EdTech organizations.

  • Establishing clear and adaptable standards for EdTech tools.

  • Promoting independent evaluation processes to ensure credibility.

Reflecting on Our Experience

Visiting the Austrian EdTech Summit 2024 was an enriching experience for PioGroup. It allowed us to engage with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, learn from their experiences, and contribute to meaningful discussions on quality assurance in EdTech. The insights gained will undoubtedly inform our future projects and initiatives.

We are committed to continuing the dialogue on building trust and creating evidence in the EdTech sector. Together, we can shape the future of educational technology, ensuring it is both innovative and reliable for learners worldwide.


Anastasiia Dyshkant

Content Marketing Manager

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