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EdTech Software

Our core value is our commitment to sharing knowledge and we have made it our goal to innovate digital education breakthroughs. We are focused on the transformation of educational businesses through digitalization.


Our domain expertise services

  • online-learning
    Online learning platforms
  • coworking
    Co-working management
  • erm
  • community
    University/Faculty Community Apps
  • mental
    Mental/Meditation Apps
  • couching
    Coaching/ Recruitment Websites &Apps
  • consulting
    EdTech Consultations & Research
  • education
    Educational eCommerce products
  • hr
    HR CRM
  • webinars
    Platforms for Webinars
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Piogroup Software, Corp.

Kharkiv, Ukraine

P: +38 050 9166 881

Vancouver, Canada

P: +1 778 5139 353

Alex Shapran

CEO at PioGroup Software

Skype: salex_skype

DrivEd Educational Platform

The universal training platform for managing educational processes.

Suitable for training customers and employees, as well as specialist development

DrivEd provides:

  • CRM-platform for online/ offline learning
  • training of staff members
  • Co-working management
  • Event management
  • LMS for franchising
  • LMS for small businesses

You are:

  • a school
  • a teacher, coach
  • a business
  • a startup
  • an HR

You get:

  • more time saved
  • automation of processes
  • automation of sales
  • increased income
  • a platform scalable to your success
  • a user-friendly experience


  • EdCamp
  • ReadArea
  • Spalah