EdTech Solutions for Academic Education and K-12 Education

edtech for academic education

Tech evangelists have predicted that computers would transform education, and we are witnessing that they had the spot-on. The pandemic forced us to rethink traditional teaching, enhance and support certain aspects, face challenges and address them while improving the overall quality of academic education.

Common Challenges in the Education Industry

Demand for technological capacityenhancement and technical competency

Overcoming time management issues

Difficulties with adapting to remote technology and uncertainty about the student’s success

Lack of interaction within teachers and peers and staying aligned with the institution

Cyber Security, need of protecting educational organizations

Challenging certification, exams, assessment processes

Budget efficiency

Creating a motivating environment for proper learning

Features that Ensure High-Quality Online Education

Learning Management Systems (LMS) became a powerful embodiment of requested tools that make managing everything related to training in schools, universities convenient, fast, and affordable.

Customizable Elements

Online education platforms allow creating of personalizedlearning environments.

Multifunctional Tools

Helpful for management of training plans and communication between students, teachers and administrators.

Holistic Knowledgebase

Provides file repository, documentation control and management.

edtech for academic education

Gamification, Progress Dashboards and AI

Features that Motivate Learners and Make Studies Entertaining.


Manageable and smooth import and export content tools.

Integration of External Applications

Smooth connection with existing ERP/CRM/HRM systems.

Comprehensive Assessment

Customized report generation and notifications modules.

edtech for academic education

LMSs are great tools for online training as well as an addition to traditional learning systems. Proper software can respond to students' needs and provide teachers with immediate data about learning progress. The leading goal of an online education platform is to simplify student managing processes and provide them with a smooth and flexible environment for e-learning.

Any educational institution can customize LMS to their demands and enjoy unlimited benefits. With the proper implementation, you can generate exceptional results in training and academic growth.

Benefits of eLearning Solutions Implementation

  • Ease through the learning process, using such elements as dashboards, e-mail, and discussion rooms
  • Activating learning in groups as well as self-learning, using quizzes, blogs or wikis
  • Learning without borders. Development of knowledge and competence through the virtual classroom
  • Visualization of complex facts through multimedia presentations or simulation processes
  • Flexibility to learn at any time and adaptation to an individual‘s circumstances
  • E-learning helps teachers significantly reduce administrative burdens through automation of routine tasks, dashboards and instant communication

eLearning Education in Numbers


of elementary school students said that their favourite learning methods are playing digital learning games and watching online videos


of K-12 students are interested in using mobile apps for learning


is the completion rate for online higher education and further education

A Few More Things to Expect from PioGroup

  • Profound planning phase (discovery) and detailed estimation.
  • Advisory and long-term support. You can rely on our tech-savvy team. We respond promptly to technical issues.
  • Detail-oriented and flexible approach to work.
  • Visually appealing design and handy custom solutions.
  • Ready-built solutions with comprehensive features.
  • GDPR compliant solutions.
  • Data protection, privacy policy.
  • Using cloud solutions based on top vendors - AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud.
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