Education Software Development Services for Startup

Many begin with an idea but only fewer startups can emerge into sure-footed and growing companies. On the journey, newcomers face different and complex problems to which they can often be unprepared. In fact, acknowledging those challenges is a proper strategy for each new business.

Here Is a Short List of Reasons That Can Lead Startup to a Failure

Poor Team Performance

Poor team performance sets a bad example for others, results in work that is not completed properly or on time, and eventually has an impact on the company`s bottom line. It must be solved as soon as possible, but first the main cause should be identified. You need the right tools, strategies, and concepts to manage a wide variety of personalities.

User-Unfriendly Product

People become confused and stressed when dealing with a complicated product interface and functionality, and they choose to quit rather than cope with a large option selection. A user-friendly product does not overload users with options; instead, it focuses on one main idea. Everything else can be left for further user interactions.

Difficulties in Managing Finance

Your company will fail if your expenses exceed the income that opens in a new window that comes in. To generate a profit, you must understand all of the expenses that your startup will spend and ensure that your products or services are priced correctly.

Unrealistic Expectations

Setting unrealistic business expectations makes it increasingly unlikely that your team will be able to meet them. If your team consistently misses targets, your manager may wonder why your team is underperforming.

How Can We Address Them?

Our company has more than 5 years of experience in EdTech which allows us to better understand the processes that take place during product development. We see our clients as partners and make sure that our team fits well within your project. To make workflow clearly defined and smooth we can offer such services

Idea Validation & Product Advisory

To add new points of view on how the project can effectively grow and fit the market needs

Business Analysis

To create an explicit vision of the features that are essential for your product and prioritize tasks

Technology Migration/Re-engineering

To transfer all existing data and fix previous technical issues

AI & Chatbots Implementation

To automate processes and create individual learning paths

eLearning Application Development

To present your idea in the most suitable form like websites, portals, platforms, management systems and so on

Mobile Learning Solutions

To make education accessible for a major audience of smartphone users

Interactive Prototype and Minimum Viable Product Development

To test the viability of your idea and how potential customers perceive your product