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With over 13 years of experience in delivering e-learning and education app development services, PioGroup Software is a leading company specializing in e-learning app development. Our technical expertise can help you launch your e-learning app quickly and efficiently, while also supporting you in scaling your business.

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Custom eLearning App Development Solutions ROI for Your Business

PioGroup learning app development company brings extensive expertise in utilizing cutting-edge learning techniques such as gamification, social learning, blended learning, and interactivities to deliver exceptional education app features. We can create customized apps tailored to meet your unique L&D requirements.

PioGroup learning app development company brings extensive expertise in utilizing cutting-edge learning techniques such as gamification, social learning, blended learning, and interactivities to deliver exceptional education app features. We can create customized apps tailored to meet your unique L&D requirements.


Why to Invest in an E-Learning App Development?

Growing Demand

The demand for e-learning platforms is increasing rapidly, with more people seeking convenient and accessible ways to learn new skills and knowledge.

Flexibility and Convenience

E-learning apps allow users to learn at their own pace and schedule, making it easier to fit education into their busy lives.


Online courses and e-learning platforms are often more cost-effective than traditional learning methods, making them more accessible to a wider audience.

Global Reach

E-learning apps can be accessed from anywhere in the world, providing access to education and training for people in remote areas or regions with limited educational resources.

Engagement and Interactivity

E-learning apps can incorporate interactive and engaging features, such as gamification and social learning, to keep users motivated and engaged in the education process.

Data and Analytics

E-learning apps can provide valuable data and analytics on user behavior and performance, allowing educators to improve their courses and better understand their learners.


E-learning apps can provide personalized learning experiences tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each user.

Types of E-learning Applications We Develop

At our e-learning app development company, we specialize in creating a range of innovative and user-friendly applications to cater to the diverse learning needs of our clients. Here are some of the types of e-learning applications that we develop:


Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Our team of eLearning app developers can create robust and comprehensive Learning Management Systems (LMS) that allow institutions, businesses, and educators to manage and deliver educational content and courses online. Our LMS solutions offer a range of features, including course creation and management, assessment and grading tools, student tracking, and reporting.

Virtual Classrooms

We also develop virtual classroom applications that provide a dynamic and interactive online learning environment for students and teachers. Our virtual classroom solutions include live video conferencing, whiteboard tools, screen sharing, and real-time chat features that make remote learning more engaging and interactive.

Coding and Programming Applications

Our e-learning app development team is proficient in building coding and programming applications that provide learners with interactive and immersive experiences to master programming languages and development frameworks. Our applications include a range of features, such as code editors, project-based assignments, and interactive learning modules.

Learning Analytics Applications

Our team can create learning analytics applications that use data and analytics to track and monitor learner progress and performance. Our analytics solutions offer a range of features, such as student engagement tracking, predictive analytics, and personalized learning paths.

Corporate Training Application

We also develop corporate training applications that provide businesses with a customized e-learning platform to train their employees effectively. Our corporate training solutions include a range of features, such as course authoring tools, assessments, gamification, and progress tracking.

Tutoring and Test Preparation Applications

Our team also creates tutoring and test preparation applications that provide learners with access to personalized tutoring and test preparation services. Our tutoring and test preparation solutions include features such as one-on-one video tutoring, practice tests, and progress tracking.

Language Learning Applications

Our language learning applications provide learners with engaging and interactive language learning experiences. Our language learning solutions include features such as speech recognition, interactive lessons, and progress tracking.

Remote Proctoring Tool

Our remote proctoring tool allows educational institutions to monitor online exams remotely. Our remote proctoring solution includes features such as video monitoring, AI-powered proctoring, and exam analytics.

On-Demand eLearning App

We also develop on-demand e-learning applications that allow learners to access educational content on demand. Our on-demand e-learning solutions include features such as microlearning modules, personalized learning paths, and progress tracking.

Kids Educational Apps

Our team also develops fun and interactive educational apps for children that help them learn and grow. Our kids' educational apps include features such as interactive games, quizzes, and puzzles designed to enhance their learning experiences.

eLearning Mobile App Development Services

  • Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

    Opt for cross-platform eLearning app development using Xamarin or React Native to reduce development costs and time. With a high level of code reuse, your app quality won't be compromised and you'll enjoy a smoothly performing app with a UI/UX that's close to native.

  • iOS Mobile App Development

    For your educational needs, consider getting a native iOS app developed. A well-designed UX with intuitive navigation will enhance learner engagement. Additionally, the app can be deeply integrated across all Apple devices, including the iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

  • Android Mobile App Development

    Consider developing a native Android app to go mobile. It will be secure, easy-to-use, with simple navigation and a user-friendly UI. Your mobile apps will be compatible with any gadget in the Android ecosystem, such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, wearables, and more.

Specifications of Educational App Development Services

Voice Recognition and Learning

Our eLearning application development services include voice recognition and learning capabilities, allowing for an interactive and engaging learning experience.

External Integration

We ensure seamless integration with external tools and platforms, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other educational software.

Regulations for Learning Standards

Our app development adheres to the latest regulations and standards in the education sector, including accessibility and data privacy.

Adaptability in Online Education

We develop apps that are adaptable to different learning styles and needs, enabling personalized and effective learning experiences.

Enhanced UI/UX

Our apps have a user-friendly and visually appealing interface, ensuring an enjoyable and immersive learning experience.

Upgrade and Customize eLearning Applications

Our e-learning application development company offers the option to upgrade and customize eLearning applications to fit your evolving needs and preferences.

App Integration with CRM

We integrate our educational apps with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to track and manage learner progress and engagement.


Advanced eLearning App Features

AI Personalization

Advanced eLearning apps can use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to offer personalized content recommendations based on learners' preferences, learning styles, and performance.

Video Streaming

The app should support high-quality video streaming, enabling learners to watch educational videos and interactive simulations without buffering or delays.


Microlearning features allow learners to access short and concise content that can be consumed in a few minutes, making learning more accessible and convenient.

AR/VR Implementation

Augmented and virtual reality features can create immersive and interactive learning experiences, allowing learners to explore complex concepts and scenarios.


An AI-powered chatbot can provide immediate and personalized support for learners, answering their questions, and offering guidance.

Online and Offline Modes

The app should support both online and offline modes, allowing learners to access the content even when they are not connected to the internet.

Social Communication

Social communication features, such as discussion forums and social media integration, can facilitate collaboration and interaction among learners and instructors.

Rich Integration Capabilities

The app should have rich integration capabilities, allowing seamless integration with other tools and platforms, such as LMS, CRM, and video conferencing software.

Analytics and Reporting

Advanced analytics and reporting features can help instructors track learner progress, identify knowledge gaps, and personalize content recommendations.

Must-Have eLearning App Features

  • Simple Signup and Login

    Users should be able to easily create an account and log in to the app with minimal effort. Avoid multiple steps authorization and long forms for registration.

  • Push Notifications

    Push notifications can remind learners of upcoming assignments or motivate them to engage with the app's content regularly.

  • Personalized User Profile

    The app should offer a personalized user profile that allows learners to track their progress, manage their preferences, and access their learning history.

  • Progress Tracking Dashboard

    A progress tracking dashboard allows learners to monitor their progress and identify areas where they need improvement.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

    The app should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the learning experience and makes it easy to navigate through content.

  • Quizzes and Assessments

    Quizzes and assessments provide a way to evaluate learners' understanding of the content and provide feedback for improvement.

  • Gamification

    Gamification features, such as leaderboards, badges, and rewards, can make learning more engaging and motivating for learners.

  • Multimedia Content Support

    The app should support a variety of multimedia content, such as videos, audio files, and interactive simulations, to enhance the learning experience.

  • In-App Payments

    If the app offers premium or paid content, it should have an in-app payment system that is secure and easy to use.

Metrics To Track App Progress

  • User Engagement

  • Content Consumption

  • Feedback and Reviews

  • App Performance

  • Conversion Rate

  • Active Users


Our Education Application Development Process


Idea Validation and Application Development

At our education app development company, we have a team of specialists and developers who validate your ideas and turn them into tangible products. We utilize a comprehensive software development methodology to create effective e-learning application concepts that bring your ideas to life.


Effortless Application Development

Our e-learning app development company creates robust e-learning programs that offer students experiential learning opportunities through a variety of useful features. We focus on delivering high-quality e-learning applications with cutting-edge technologies and tools, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in e-learning.


Delivery of Applications and Ongoing Innovation

Our goal is to provide the most innovative and cutting-edge e-learning applications. We achieve this by utilizing the latest tools and technologies available, creating applications that exceed expectations.


Insightful Information and Analysis

Once your e-learning application is delivered, we help you interpret patterns and explore insights through reports and analytics. This allows you to visualize and enhance your application's performance and effectiveness.


Support, Maintenance, and Integration

Building a scalable and globally accessible e-learning application requires the integration of third-party libraries, tools, and connectors. We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your application is flexible, extensible, and can adapt to changing circumstances and user preferences with ease.

Why You Should Hire PioGroup as Your Education App Development Company


Our team of experienced developers and e-learning specialists use cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to deliver high-quality e-learning applications that perform at the top of their class.

We offer cost-effective solutions that do not compromise the quality of the final product. We work with clients to optimize their budgets and provide cost-effective solutions.

We understand the importance of timely delivery and work to ensure that your e-learning application is delivered within the agreed-upon timeline, without compromising quality.

We prioritize app security and data privacy, implementing robust security protocols to ensure that your e-learning application is secure and protected.

We take the protection of our clients' intellectual property rights seriously and sign strict NDAs to ensure the confidentiality and security of all information shared with us.

We offer flexible cooperation models that enable our clients to choose the best fit for their project and requirements.

We maintain transparent communication and reporting throughout the development process, keeping our clients informed and involved every step of the way.

We provide long-term support and maintenance services to ensure that our clients' e-learning applications remain updated and functional.

Our agile development approach ensures that we can respond quickly to changing requirements and deliver results that meet our clients' evolving needs.

Our team consists of certified and vetted developers who have a proven track record of delivering exceptional e-learning applications.

Our Technical Stack




“With the addition of new members, the client was able to meet their project goals on time. PioGroup Software put their communication and project management skills to good use, ensuring a successful collaboration. The team adhered to the given budget, and meetings were always productive.”

Pavel Hasanov

Managing Director, ALPEIN Software


The engagement was beneficial, resulting in a functioning app that pleased the client. The PioGroup prioritized a collaborative project as they were extremely responsive and available throughout. Due to the positive experience, the two teams will likely work together on future efforts.

Martin Stöfler

Co-Founder, OSM Solutions


As a result of PioGroup Software’s work, the client saw an increase in app users. They had excellent communication and always delivered tasks on time. Customers can expect a personable team that provides great service.

Luc Bohunicky

Founder & CEO, MedicHero


The platform developed by PioGroup software is organized and professional, and it has received positive feedback from beta testers. The team is communicative and responsive, and they work in a timely manner. They also offer impressive customer service, providing more than what they get asked for.

Algrenon Nelson

President, Ahead of the Class


The cost of creating an eLearning app for mobile devices depends on several factors such as the features, complexity, platform, and the developer's hourly rate. Generally, eLearning app development costs can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Education apps can play a vital role in businesses by providing employees with access to training materials and development resources, facilitating online learning, and offering certification programs. Education apps can help businesses to train their employees efficiently and effectively and reduce the cost of training programs.

Some common ways to monetize eLearning apps include charging users for access to premium content, offering subscriptions or membership plans, and incorporating in-app purchases. Advertising and sponsorships can also be potential sources of revenue.

Our education app development company can develop a wide range of eLearning applications such as language learning apps, educational games, corporate training apps, online course platforms, and certification exam preparation apps.

Yes, we can build education or e-learning apps for start-ups. We have experience working with start-ups and can provide guidance on app development, including idea validation, MVP development, and scaling the product.

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