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Russian war in Ukraine

Russian war in Ukraine. On 24 February 2022, at 5 am, Russia sent rockets to every large city in Ukraine and started a full-scale war. Russia is shelling civilians, bombing kindergartens with missiles, dropping grenades on birth centres and destroys everything on its way. The enemy has already taken away thousands of Ukrainian innocent civilian lives in 50 days. They use internationally forbidden warfare and weapons. All the Ukrainians remain strong, guarding the peace and democracy of Ukraine and the whole world.

Some of our employees are staying in Kharkiv and bravely defending our country. Most of us are staying in the western part of Ukraine, other safer places and abroad. Our team is fundraising and delievering medicines, ammunition and other humanitarian aid for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We keep on working in near-full capacity except for some of our team members, who serve in the Army or Territorial Defense Forces. We stick to our usual working schedule.

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How to support Ukraine?

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There's something else you can do. We understand that the Russian-Ukrainian war will not end overnight. We need to work to support our Motherland. We need to enhance our country's economy. If you have a project idea - let's discuss it.

Glory to Ukraine