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PioGroup Software specializes in machine learning consulting, which involves the deployment of ML algorithms trained with a company's data to automate and optimize its various business processes. With extensive expertise in the ML domain, we enable enterprises to personalize recommendations for customers, identify instances of fraud, predict customer churn, and achieve other such objectives.

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Machine Learning Services

Whether you're looking to improve customer experience or optimize supply chain operations, machine learning services can provide you with the insights and solutions you need to succeed.


Our machine learning advisory services help businesses navigate the complex landscape of ML technology. Our experts provide guidance on how to adopt and integrate ML into your organization's strategy, identifying the areas where ML can drive the most value and recommending the appropriate tools and techniques to meet your specific needs.

AI Consulting

Our artificial intelligence consulting services assist companies in exploring and implementing cutting-edge AI technologies that can transform their businesses. We work closely with our clients to assess their needs, design and develop custom AI solutions, and provide ongoing support to ensure successful implementation and integration into their workflows.

Model Development

Our machine learning model development services help companies create accurate, reliable, and efficient ML models that can handle large datasets and drive real business value. Our experts work with you to design, develop, and deploy custom models that meet your specific needs and provide ongoing support to ensure that they are working at peak performance.

Data Science Consulting

Our data science consulting services help companies harness the power of their data to drive better business decisions. Our data scientists work with you to develop insights and recommendations based on your data, helping you identify patterns and trends, optimize your workflows, and drive overall business performance.

Model Evaluation

Our machine learning model evaluation services help companies ensure that their ML models are performing optimally and delivering accurate results. We provide a range of testing and evaluation services to help you assess model accuracy, identify areas for improvement, and optimize model performance.

ML Process Improvement

At PioGroup Software machine learning consulting company, we understand that ML algorithms are only as good as the processes that govern them. That is why our ML process improvement services focus on optimizing the entire ML development cycle, from data preparation and model selection to deployment and monitoring. Our experts will work with you to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your ML pipeline, recommend process improvements, and help you implement them.

Supporting Services

In addition to our core machine learning services, we offer a range of supporting services to help you get the most out of your ML investments. These include data engineering, data visualization, cloud infrastructure setup and management, and DevOps support. Our team of experienced engineers and data scientists will work closely with you to tailor these services to your specific needs, ensuring that you have all the support you need to succeed with machine learning.


Benefits of Our Machine Learning Consulting

Production-Ready Solutions

Our machine learning consulting services are designed to deliver production-ready solutions that are scalable, reliable, and secure. From data preparation and model development to deployment and monitoring, we follow industry best practices and use state-of-the-art tools and frameworks to ensure that your machine learning solutions are ready for the real world.


We understand that every organization is unique, and that's why we offer flexible machine learning consulting services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need help with a single machine learning project or want to establish a long-term partnership, we can work with you to develop a customized solution that meets your goals and budget.

We're a Machine Learning Company

As a dedicated machine learning company, we have a deep understanding of the latest technologies and trends in the field. Our team of data scientists, engineers, and consultants are passionate about machine learning and have the expertise to develop cutting-edge solutions that can transform your business.

Dedicated to Machine Learning

At PioGroup Software, we are dedicated to machine learning and are committed to helping our clients unlock the full potential of this powerful technology. Whether you're just getting started with machine learning or are looking to take your existing solutions to the next level, our team of experts is here to help.

Transform Your Organization with Machine Learning Consulting

With our machine learning consulting services, you can transform your organization by leveraging the power of data and automation. Our experts will help you identify the areas where machine learning can make the most impact and develop customized solutions that meet your unique business needs.

Machine Learning Consulting Expertise

At PioGroup Software, we bring a wealth of expertise to our machine learning consulting services. Our team of data scientists, engineers, and consultants have a deep understanding of the latest machine learning technologies and trends, as well as extensive experience working with clients across a range of industries. Some of our key areas of expertise include:

  • Data preparation and feature engineering
  • Transfer learning
  • Model development and optimization
  • Time series of exploratory data analysis
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Anomaly detection and fraud prevention
  • Computer vision
  • Predictive analytics solutions and forecasting
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Cloud infrastructure and deployment
  • Deep learning techniques and neural networks

We combine this technical expertise with a deep understanding of our clients' businesses to deliver customized machine learning solutions that meet their unique needs. Whether you're looking to automate processes, personalize customer experiences, or optimize operations, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed with machine learning.


Our Approach to Machine Learning Consulting

At PioGroup Software, we firmly believe in fostering a collaborative approach that allows us to work closely with our clients to deliver innovative digital solutions across the entire digital ecosystem, leveraging only the best platforms available. With our expertise in building algorithms that learn from data, make predictions, and improve models as more information becomes available, we are able to enhance the understanding of computers and machines.

Our team of machine learning experts uses strategic experiments to leverage these technologies, connecting historical data to predictive analytics engines. With the rapid and continuous advances in machine learning and the growing capabilities of AI, computers can now understand images, text, and real-world data like never before. This allows our machine learning consulting services to deliver top-notch solutions and tangible results to our clients.

Machine Learning Consulting Process

We follow a comprehensive machine learning consulting process that emphasizes collaboration, communication, and results-driven solutions. Here's a breakdown of the eight steps we follow:


Business Context

The first step of our process is to gain a thorough understanding of the client's business context, including their goals, industry, and existing technological infrastructure. We examine the client's data systems, data sources, and data quality, to ensure that our recommendations align with their objectives.


Stakeholder Inclusion

We believe in involving stakeholders from all levels of the organization, including executives, managers, and end-users. By collaborating with all stakeholders, we can ensure that our solutions are practical, effective, and widely adopted.


Problem Definition

We work with the client to define the problem statement clearly and concisely. By doing so, we can ensure that everyone involved understands the scope of the problem and the desired outcomes.



We conduct interviews with stakeholders and subject matter experts to gain a deep understanding of the problem and to identify any potential challenges. These interviews help us to refine our approach and ensure that our recommendations align with the client's objectives.


Model Review

We review the existing models, algorithms, and data sets to identify any potential limitations, biases, or issues that could impact the accuracy and reliability of the results.


Solution Review

We work with the client to review the proposed solutions and ensure that they align with their business goals, technological infrastructure, and budget.


Problem Solution

We develop a solution to the problem statement and implement it using machine learning algorithms, predictive modeling, and data analytics.


Strategic Solution

Finally, we work with the client to identify strategic opportunities for leveraging machine learning solutions to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve outcomes. This may include identifying potential new business opportunities, developing new products or ML services, or optimizing existing processes to drive innovation and growth.

Optimizing for Value Generation

Every business has three primary operational functions: processes, decisions, and strategies. Processes determine how a business operates, decisions determine when it operates, and strategies define why it operates.

While software has been able to automate many of the processes involved in running a business, data science company now enables the automation of decisions and strategies through machine learning and reinforcement learning, respectively.

By utilizing our data science services, we can assist in automating the two most valuable tiers in the pyramid with an AI solution, leading to increased efficiency and profitability for your organization.

Why Organizations Choose Us


Our team of consultants has deep expertise in machine learning, and we stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field. We can help organizations develop and implement machine learning solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Our machine learning consultants have experience working with complex data sets and can help organizations navigate the challenges of data processing and management. We can help organizations develop effective data pipelines and ensure that their machine learning models are trained on high-quality data.

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to machine learning consulting. Instead, we work closely with organizations to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions that align with their business goals.

We believe in a collaborative approach to consulting, working closely with our clients throughout the engagement to ensure that they are fully involved in the decision-making process. This collaborative approach ensures that the final solution meets the needs of the organization and is adopted by its stakeholders.

Our machine learning consulting services deliver tangible results, such as improved accuracy, reduced errors, increased efficiency, and better decision-making capabilities. These results lead to improved business outcomes, such as increased revenue, reduced costs, and enhanced customer experiences.

Machine Learning Ssolutions Across Industries


Machine learning is being used in healthcare to improve patient outcomes and streamline operations. For example, machine learning algorithms can analyze patient data to help doctors make more accurate diagnoses and predict which patients are at risk of developing certain conditions. Machine learning can also be used to optimize hospital operations, such as predicting patient volumes and staffing needs.


In finance, machine learning is being used to improve fraud detection, risk assessment, and customer experience. Machine learning algorithms can analyze large volumes of financial data to detect fraud patterns and prevent financial crimes. Machine learning can also help financial institutions assess risk more accurately and develop customized solutions for their customers.

Academic Education

In academic education, machine learning is being used to personalize learning experiences and improve student outcomes. Machine learning algorithms can analyze student data to understand individual learning patterns and provide customized recommendations for further study. Machine learning can also be used to develop predictive models to identify students who may be at risk of falling behind and provide targeted support.

Machine Learning Technologies We Use




“With the addition of new members, the client was able to meet their project goals on time. PioGroup Software put their communication and project management skills to good use, ensuring a successful collaboration. The team adhered to the given budget, and meetings were always productive.”

Pavel Hasanov

Managing Director, ALPEIN Software


The engagement was beneficial, resulting in a functioning app that pleased the client. The PioGroup prioritized a collaborative project as they were extremely responsive and available throughout. Due to the positive experience, the two teams will likely work together on future efforts.

Martin Stöfler

Co-Founder, OSM Solutions


As a result of PioGroup Software’s work, the client saw an increase in app users. They had excellent communication and always delivered tasks on time. Customers can expect a personable team that provides great service.

Luc Bohunicky

Founder & CEO, MedicHero


The platform developed by PioGroup software is organized and professional, and it has received positive feedback from beta testers. The team is communicative and responsive, and they work in a timely manner. They also offer impressive customer service, providing more than what they get asked for.

Algrenon Nelson

President, Ahead of the Class


Machine learning consultants help organizations leverage machine learning algorithms and technologies to solve business problems. They work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and develop customized solutions that address those needs. This can involve tasks such as data collection, model selection, and model training and deployment.

Machine learning can bring numerous benefits to businesses, including improved decision-making capabilities, enhanced efficiency, and cost savings. Machine learning can also help businesses better understand their customers and provide more personalized experiences. Additionally, machine learning can help businesses automate repetitive tasks and reduce the risk of human error.

The use of AI and ML in businesses should be driven by specific business needs and goals. Before implementing AI and ML solutions, businesses should assess their data readiness, determine the feasibility of their projects, and identify key stakeholders. Additionally, businesses should consider the potential ethical implications of their AI and ML solutions and ensure that they are transparent and accountable.

If an organization does not have enough data for training machine learning models, there are several options available. One option is to acquire more data through various means, such as data augmentation or partnering with other organizations. Another option is to use pre-trained models or transfer learning, which involves using a model that has been trained on a similar task and fine-tuning it for the specific task at hand.

Yes, we do need infrastructure to train models. Training machine learning models is a computationally intensive task that often requires a significant amount of computational resources, such as processing power, memory, and storage. To train a model, large amounts of data need to be processed, and complex mathematical operations need to be performed on the data. This requires specialized hardware, such as graphics processing units (GPUs) or tensor processing units (TPUs), which are designed specifically for training machine learning models.

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