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A universal learning platform for education: from the classroom to the boardroom

DrivEd is a scalable platform that can be adapted to your specific business needs regardless of other learning management systems, thanks to its ease of use, configuration and security. It simplifies school management - anything from student matters, HR tasks to accounting, payroll and other processes.


Solution for
Magento/Shopify/WooCommerce CMS

This set of complete e-commerce apps works with the most popular shopping Content Management Systems (CMS) e.g. Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Opencart, etc. Powerful and easy to setup, this solution is suitable for online shop owners, owners of high-traffic physical stores, and ambitious sales businesses aspiring to “go digital”. Clients can publish iOS and Android compatible applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


HR CRM platform

Suitable for any business, this platform provides efficient staff management and features a wide range of tools. Personal accounts inform each staff member about all necessary work information, allow them to track work time, notify them about upcoming events etc.

Food CRM

Food ordering system

No matter what you sell, your site is going to need a robust CRM system to manage all types of interaction with the customer.

Our customizable platform offers all kinds of filters and analytics and is loaded with features that give you an in-depth insight into customer ordering habits, statistics, and activities, including numerous different options for operators to manage their relationship with the customer.


Booking application featuring additional business/client communication functionality

Managing appointments and interacting with customers can now be easy with the help of our application. Available both for iOS and Android, the platform comes with a variety of tools including a flexible booking system for businesses and customers, a set of notifications and online chat so that you can stay in touch with your clients any time any day.


Malware monitoring tool for the most popular php-based CMS

WordPress is most secure when you know you’re taking care of it properly. To make things easy, we’ve developed a security tool to protect your website from any potential hack attacks. JustScanned does exactly what it says: it scans your website and tells you if your files are safe.