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DrivEd learning platform

An e-learning management system for employee training

Employee training plays an important part in the future growth of any company. Maintaining this area includes dealing with numerous processes and huge amounts of data. The team wanted to create a flexible platform that would simplify managing employee training and still allow customizing the learning experience according to specific business needs and goals.


Introducing or maintaining employee training would often include using multiple tools. Having this in mind, the team wanted to build the platform to consolidate and simplify the majority of training-related processes within one digital space, namely:
- engaging employees in into improving their skills and track their progress;
- creating a single knowledgebase of all existing study materials in a company;
- integrating with existing HR tools and other systems in a company.

What we did

We created an easy-to-use learning management system that consists of several modules: an admin panel for user and courses management, uploading study materials, analyzing employees’ performance etc.; a mentor’s account where mentors can track their mentees’ progress and work within specific training programs; a learner’s account where employees can access assigned courses, training sessions and track their progress. The system can be integrated with multiple third-party tools and platforms to ensure a full experience for all participants of the employee training process.

We have developed a responsive design which can be viewed on any device, from desktop to mobile phone.
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