Learning management system for education


Project Idea

Online education has become an essential part of providing uninterrupted access to knowledge for students anywhere in the world. Our team wanted to help educational institutions and different types of businesses transition to online learning practices using a platform that can fulfill specific organization’s needs. Maintaining this area includes dealing with numerous processes and huge amounts of data.

The team was aimed at creating a flexible platform that would simplify managing students' learning process and still allow customizing the learning experience according to specific business or institution needs and goals.

1 year
Client’s country

The Challenges

The biggest challenge for this project was to build an all-in-one system that would simplify the majority of learning processes for educational institutions and employees training within one digital space and still remain flexible and customisable. We wanted to create a system for tackling such activities as:

  • Engaging learners into improving their skills and track their progress
  • Creating a single knowledgebase of all existing study materials in a company
  • Integrating with existing HR tools and other systems in a company
  • Storing all eLearning content in one place
  • Creating learning courses and adjusting them according to specific students’ needs
  • Creating an in-person learning experience by conducting live events through video conferencing tools
  • Tracking students’ progress and analyzing their results
  • Automating and structuring other processes related to learning management

The Solutions

We created an easy-to-use learning management system that consists of several modules

  • An admin panel for user and courses management, uploading study materials, creating online events, analyzing students’ performance etc.
  • A teacher’s/mentor’s account where they can track their students’ progress and work within specific training programsCustom design implementation
  • A learner’s account where students or employees can access assigned courses, attend virtual events through integrated video conferencing tools, perform tasks and track their progress

The system can be integrated with multiple third-party tools and platforms to ensure a full experience for all participants of the learning process.



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