Mobile application for mental health improvement


Project Idea

Project exEGO-Less is the application that takes you on a journey to self-discovery and boosts your well-being by providing tips and tricks to improve your mental health and become the best version of yourself. Сlient wanted to help people to overcome their fears, laziness, anger, and other human flaws. Our goal was to plan and build a colorful and easy-to-use application that will allow exploring the content aimed at improving various aspects of mental and physical health.

2 years
Client’s country

The Challenges

The main challenges and tasks were the following

  • To build an architecture, create entities and relations between them

  • To show different screens for playing video, audio or showing text with instructions of what to do

  • To set notifications according to the correct time zone of the app users

  • To create user-friendly interface and navigation panel, clearly identifying various aspects of character flaws and exercises to them

  • To add possibility to pay right in the mobile application


The Solutions

Project was separated into two parts. The first was the backend part to manage content and provide data via API to the second part, which was a mobile application. For the backend part we used Laravel framework and mobile application was built with React Native.

Our team managed to deliver the solution which met all clients goals. We divided all aspects of human mental well-being (anger, sadness, fear, happiness, confidence, conflict, depression, relationships, sleep etc) into different groups, called islands . Each island had a bunch of exercises or useful methods, which helped people to solve their problems. Besides, the app had the following features

  • Users had and ability to unblock different types of exercises by buying or finishing the scope of exercises

  • Each customer had a history of finished exercises and a reminder of what they needed to finish at what time, taking into account different time zones of users. For this we used push notification from One Signal

  • We implemented Stripe payment method to enable users buy access for some exercises in application

  • We added the ability to save opened content to customer devices and reproduce it from it to save network traffic. So customers didn't have to download this content each time, when they needed help or when the Internet was too slow.

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