Hochschule Fresenius

Website for German online university of applied sciences


Project Idea

Creating an online educational platform that provides information about distance learning courses of the University of Fresenius. The University allows getting the bachelor’s and master’s degree of applied sciences by distance learning.

1.5 year
Client’s country

The Challenges

  1. Ensuring the platform can handle a large number of simultaneous users without performance degradation;

  2. Integrating with the university’s existing systems (e.g., student databases, course management systems) and ensuring seamless data exchange;

  3. Ensuring the platform is fully functional and responsive on various devices, including smartphones and tablets;

  4. Implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive student and institutional data from breaches and cyber-attacks.


The Solutions

  1. A website that gathers and present information about distance learning courses of the University of Fresenius;

  2. Learning classes booking;

  3. External calendars (Google, ICalc etc) sync tools;

  4. Job boards modules.

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