Online learning platform for homeschooling


Project Idea

Our customer, an American startup network of homeschooling experts, wanted to create a platform where educators would connect with parents seeking for a quick and simple transition from traditional school-based education to homeschooling.

1 year
Client’s country

The Challenges

The main focus for the project was to build an easy-to-use digital platform that would consolidate several functional parts under one roof such as:

  1. a knowledgebase of homeschooling study material in various educational areas;

  2. a space for communication between parents and tutors;

  3. a system for conducting online classes and assessing learners’ results.


The Solutions

For the project, the team has already built a landing page providing all information about the community and tutoring services. At the moment, we continue working on the platform that will include:

  1. a virtual library of homeschooling study material;

  2. an online learning platform where tutors can work directly with learners;

  3. an assessment center to track learners’ study progress and results;

The platform will be easily scalable and allow integrating with multiple third-party tools and systems.

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