An interactive reading application that encourages children to read


Project Idea

Project explore new ways to instill students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful innovators in an ever-evolving 21st century

In progress
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The Challenges

Maneno is a platform that provides the best solution for the education domain in rendering epub format books. The platform mainly focuses on increasing children's reading skills. So the main tasks were

  • To provide online library

  • To add supporting text and audio formats

  • To provide books with different levels of complexity

  • Implementation of gamification and building social relationships


The Solutions

The PioGroup team has developed from scratch a solution that covers all aspects from the business perspective, providing such features as

  • Render files with epub format

  • Support the audio, text and narration

  • Items tokenization

  • External API for words definition

  • External API for words translation

  • Custom design implementation

  • Internal and external data caching

  • Multifunctional reader

  • Elements animation

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