Store for Online Courses

A platform for selling courses built on Moodle/Totara LMS


Project Idea

Customer wanted to develop a specific platform, where they could sell access to courses, programs and other types of digital educational materials, which were in most of the famous LMSs, such as Moodle/Totara. The LMS is intended to store and provide courses, but isn’t focused on eCommerce, so that's why it was made a decision to use a system, which could manage such entities like customer, products, products categories etc. and to be a multifunctional website at the same time. Magento was the best fit for this, so we used it to build a platform, which received data from LMS, giving the opportunity for customers to buy these courses and transfer this data to LMS.

1,5 years
Client’s country

The Challenges

  • Authorization in store using LMS

  • Create architecture for synchronization of different types of educational materials on the LMS side with products on the Magento side

  • Create architecture, which provides the ability to install needed module(s) for particular customers

  • Provide ability for customers to change frontend theme basic colors, based on admin configurations


The Solutions

  • We used SSO for authorization from LMS to store.

  • Created specific mapping of attributes between LMS and Magento entities, which was flexible and has the ability to be editable from the admin panel.

  • We worked on different types of solutions for the implementation features such as the ability for customers to change basic colors of frontend themes, using UI color pickers. After changing color settings in the admin panel, a new SCSS file with the list of SCSS variables and their values was created.

The system can be integrated with multiple third-party tools and platforms to ensure a full experience for all participants of the learning process.

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