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Top 5 HR Events To Attend In 2021: Which Is Right For Your Needs?

Explore a list of key virtual and online HR events 2021. If you are interested in getting insights from HR thought leaders — join these exclusive conferences and enjoy!

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Natalie Koltunova Content Marketing Manager

Professional view of the role of Human Resource Management is changing and evolving fast now. The corporate training market was a slow-moving field 10 years ago, but now it is estimated at approximately $148 billion. What fast-lightning growth!

Why Attend HR Events?

Since we are living in the continuously changing digital environment, human resources managers are increasingly faced with the challenges that directly affect the management and cost-effectiveness of the business:

  • finding and retaining talents, 

  • developing employee potential, 

  • creating collaborative work environments,

  • improving people’s work experience. 

To have the power and knowledge to overcome these roadblocks, HR managers should always stay up to date with the latest news and breakthroughs. It is vital for them to take a part in professional events and HR conferences  as it allows them to:

  • constantly update their knowledge and skill level,

  • expand the network of like-minded people and solution providers,

  • share information with colleagues and perceive insights from thought leaders, 

  • be informed about the professional platforms and tools.

In this article, I have collected a number of key virtual and online HR events 2021. They are necessary to attend if you are interested in getting a better understanding of the role of transformation in the digital age and insights from thought leaders. They will also help to build valuable networking opportunities with solution providers and colleagues. Join these exclusive top HR conferences 2021 and enjoy.

Find the top HR conferences to attend in 2021 here:

1. The TAtech Digital Summit

Date: 19 January 2021

Format: Online

The TAtech Digital Summit is a 5-hours conference that brings together top experts, solution providers, and employers. The program of the event is focused on the best practices of implementation of cutting-edge technologies, such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in recruitment processes. This digital summit will immerse human resources and talent acquisition managers into a world of digital transformation, professional hiring, and best tech practices.

The TAtech digital summit has already announced the agenda of the event. Attendees will enjoy the following subjects and key topics:

  • What does digital transformation really mean – what does it look like in practice?

  • What’s the straight answer – will AI empower humans or replace them?

  • How does using AI differ for hourly/high volume vs. salaried/professional hiring?

  • Where do AI and the different tools it empowers fit into the recruiting life cycle?

  • How do you build a great vendor partnership that pays off in better-recruiting outcomes?

2. Decoding Future HR 2021

Date: 19-20 January 2021

Format: Online

The Decoding Future HR 2021 is a 2-day professional development event that unites top global leaders and HR managers. The event tailored the program to meet goals and discuss issues of the trends that are shaping the future, areas for growth, and prospects for HR transformation in terms of global tech change.

Attendees will focus on:

  • Trends and forces reshaping the future

  • Rise of Gig Economy

  • Big data at the service of Human Resources promoting diversity and inclusion

  • Mastering people analytics and promoting data literacy

  • Data-driven HR

  • Moving towards a new vision for HR Business Partners and Centers of Expertise

  • Reimagining the Future through Purpose-Driven Inspiration

  • How HR Leaders Connect, Support, and Recognize their People During Evolution

Decoding Future brings together only leading-edge thinkers from companies such as L’Oreal, Walmart, Twitter, Mars, Lacoste, Microsoft, MasterCard, Heineken, Schneider Electric, Samsung.

3. 2021 Global Online Conference "HR Innovation and Future of Work"

Date: 8 - 12 March 2021

Format: Online

The event will bring together about 500 speakers, hold 100 sessions, and unite 15,000 participants in March 2021. The main aim of the HR event is to unlock the potential using which the participants will be able to build a new network among the community of professional speakers and like-minded colleagues, collaborate with the global thought leaders and get new insights. The agenda looks very promising, participants of the event will analyze topics such as:

  • Culture & Leadership

  • Human Experience Wellness 

  • Innovation at work

  • Strategy & Transformation

  • Technology at Work

  • Workshops

4. WorkVision 2021

Date: 18 - 20 April 2021

Format: Florida, USA

The WorkVision is a 3-day conference held in Florida, USA. The event is designed to reveal the challenges of working in the digital age and creating a human-centric organization as well as workforce motivation issues. The program is tailored to Senior Level HR manager with more than 15 years of experience. 

WorkVision 2021 brings together best practices, a powerful learning experience, and thought-provoking speakers. Top speakers from Harvard Business School, Accenture, and Morgan Stanley make this event very promising.

5. SHRM Annual Conference and Expo 2021

Date: 20 - 23 June 2021

Format: Chicago, USA / Online

The SHRM Annual Conference and Expo 2021 is the largest community of educators, go-to experts, Human Resources managers, and solution providers. The conference’s main aim is to provide attendees with access to exclusive practices from top-rated leaders and give an opportunity to expand the network with colleagues, experts, and key speakers.

The program will include about 200 educational sessions, 1000 international delegates, and 700 exhibiting companies.

The event will be placed in Chicago, so attendees may enjoy the conference in person as well as virtually. A cutting-edge program is designed around the following key topics:

  • Benefits & Well-Being
  • HR Department of One
  • HR Technology & Data Analytics
  • Inclusion & Diversity 
  • Leadership & Personal Growth 
  • People & Talent Management 
  • Recruitment & Talent Acquisition
  • Strategic HR
  • Global HR

These HR conferences are carried out by industry experts. Attending such meetings allows business owners and human resources managers to learn from industry experts. Participate and get valuable insights!


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