Education Software Development Services for SME

Business development is an unstoppable process and as it goes companies experience various issues that were previously unknown. In fact disregarding those challenges may block further transformation.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Main Obstacles that Small and Medium Enterprises Face

Managing Profitability

This is the main indicator of a company`s success. One of the ways to increase profit is to optimize existing processes. For example, recruitment and onboarding are two endless terms in the daily life of a growing business

Team Effectiveness and Competency

Each interaction that a customer has had with the company was made through certain employees. Thus it is extremely important to know that staff members have required skills and knowledge performing their tasks.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a process that includes defining the order in which business goals should be achieved so that the company can achieve its stated vision. Strategic planning can be difficult to develop if the company lacks ownership, communication, alignment, and has slow adoption.

Performance Measurement

The best way to ensure that a business grows is to measure the KPI’s. Yet, it may be difficult to estimate the impact of a certain individual’s performance without a manageable and easy-to-use tracking system.

How Can We Address Them?

PioGroup can provide businesses with turnkey and custom-built solutions depending on specific needs and preferences

Learning Management System (LMS)

To boost onboarding and learning processes inside the company

Web Application Development

To build different types of solutions from simple to complex

E-Learning Platforms Development

To find a sufficient form of education among various solutions

Custom Redesign

To match the brand guidelines and adapt for the new requirements of the existing system

Instructional Design

To make effective courses that result in higher performance

Content Migrations

To transfer all valuable information in one place

Human Resources Management System (HRM)

To create and maintain a productive work environment