Software Development Services for Non-formal Education

Every year the demand for highly qualified specialists increases. Currently, traditional academic institutions cannot cover existing market needs due to their time-consuming organizational processes. To meet the demand, there is non-formal education that helps to prepare specialists faster as well as provide a set of hard and soft skills to fit the latest job requirements.

The Most Common Challenges that Schools and Educators Face in Their Daily Work

Limited Budget

Financial constraints are deal breakers for many developing educational businesses and, especially, publicly financed and non-profit organizations. As the companies grow they can invest more into tech solutions, but for the start they need high-quality ready-to-use tools

Evolving Needs and Expectations of Students

Non-formal education offers a certain product to the customers which means that there will be competitors, trending approaches and topics that people want to learn. In order to stand out on the market, businesses need to offer better propositions and create superior user experience

Poorer Communication

Each interaction between students and teachers is a part of the whole learning process. However it has significant limits when it comes to online communication. To address this issue there are several methodologies such as instructional design. All educators experience poorer communication during online classes which negatively impacts the educational process

Lack of High-quality eLearning Tools

Teachers and tutors tend to do a significant amount of work manually because existing digital solutions don’t cover all their needs. They switch between different tools and tasks, losing focus and misspending a significant amount of time

How Can We Address Them?

As an edtech specialized company, we manifest ongoing learning in any form. To enhance e-learning processes we can offer turnkey and custom-made solutions

Learning Management System (LMS)

To create and maintain a productive studying environment

Web Application Development

To build different types of solutions from simple to complex

E-Learning Platforms Development

To find a sufficient form of education among various solutions

Instructional Design

To provide better learning experiences with higher efficiency

Mobile Learning Solutions

Adapt to the demand of a large audience of smartphone users

Web Application Development

To build different types of solutions from simple to complex

Customization and Integration Tools

To build different types of solutions from simple to complex