Is your company already using an LMS (learning management system)? If not, we recommend you put one in place as soon as possible. With the growth of learning and development (L&D), having a specialized LMS for small businesses might be a game changer for your business.

Anastasiia Dyshkant

Content Marketing Manager

Is your company already using an LMS (learning management system)? If not, we recommend you put one in place as soon as possible. With the growth of learning and development (L&D), having a specialized LMS for small businesses might be a game changer for your business.

There are various advantages to investing in an effective learning management system. LMS software helps in the unification of your organization's internal learning and training activities. They will also increase staff engagement and information retention. Their comprehensive L&D analytics will also make it simple to monitor training compliance.

There are many LMS options available, but some are not suitable for small companies. We'll guide you through the top LMS solutions for small businesses and explain what they can offer.

LMS Selection Checklist

Let's take a look at the LMS features that we think are necessary for a small business. This is not an entire list, but it is an excellent starting point when looking for training software.

Quick start

As a small business, you'll want an LMS that's simple to set up and use right away, without the need to install software on servers or employee computers. As a result, all of the LMSs we examine next will be SaaS-based systems that can be accessed via any web browser.


Costs are an issue for every small business, so a simplified LMS system that offers crucial functionality at a reasonable price is important. Related article: How Much Does It Cost to Develop an LMS?

Easy course builder

You'll want everyone in your company to be able to create simple courses, most likely utilizing information you already have in non-training file types like docs, PDFs, and PPTs. This should also be a function that is available without having to pay extra for add-ons and sophisticated writing tools - as a result, a simple course builder within the LMS is on my list of essential features.

Analytics and reports

The significance of this function should not be underestimated, as it will allow your company to rapidly identify people who are over and underperforming, as well as indicate the paths that need to be fixed.

Tech support

Good and fast tech assistance is especially vital for small businesses because you may be unable to have a dedicated IT support team to assist you. As a result, you must be certain that you can rely on the vendor to resolve concerns. While it's tough to know how successful tech support is without experiencing it, we recommend paying attention to other customers' ratings and testing the help as part of any free trial you may take.

Mobile responsive

It may not be practical to remove employees from active duty for lengthy periods of time in order to finish a training program. To make the greatest use of their time, small company employees should be able to complete training at any time and on any device.



 is a  great LMS with an intuitive interface. You can upload an unlimited number of courses, educational content, and track students' success. PioGroup Software can easily customize this LMS according to your requirements.  It is a scalable platform that can be adapted to your specific business needs regardless of other learning management systems, thanks to its ease of use, configuration and security. It simplifies school management - anything from student matters, HR tasks to accounting, payroll and other processes.


iSpring Learn has all of the features you'd expect from an LMS, including automated training delivery, learning pathways, and mobile learning. You may assist new workers in swiftly adapting to the workplace, identifying and developing their abilities and credentials, creating online training content with quizzes and multimedia, and building an ever-expanding corporate knowledge base.

iSpring Learn is developed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind, allowing you to expand your business by upskilling your employees and improving business processes. Gamification tools like leaderboards, points, and badges are also available in iSpring Learn to drive employee participation.

The UI of iSpring Learn is extremely user-friendly, and you can personalize it by adding your company's colors and logo. Because of the interface, even people with less technical knowledge may quickly understand all of the features. Employees appreciate their learning experiences on the platform because it is so user-friendly and modern in design that exploring and completing courses feels like picking a TV episode on Netflix.

The key benefit of iSpring Learn is that it allows you to go beyond training and make a significant difference. A built-in news feed keeps all staff informed about new product releases and corporate announcements. A 360-degree performance assessment feature allows you to track each employee's specific capabilities and even detect hidden interpersonal issues among them. And its reporting engine transforms your relationship with company executives: they trust metrics, and iSpring Learn creates progress reports that clearly indicate how your training activities benefit teams and business.


iSpring Learn interfaces with your HR system, corporate site, ERP system, and other back-office systems via REST/SOAP API, as well as Zoom and single sign-on (SSO).


 iSpring Learn costs $3.66 USD per active user each year (meaning you pay only for those who train on the platform, not all registered users). They provide a free 30-day trial.


Tovuti's LMS software may be used to create personalized e-learning, virtual classroom experiences, and virtual events. Their course management capabilities enable you to track lesson completion and build gated lesson plans, requiring employees to finish training in a sequential sequence before moving on to the next one. You can also utilize their platform to hold quizzes and other exams to verify they understand what they're studying.

Their LMS system is loaded with features that make learning fun. You may create your own interactive course content by using 44 pre-built modules to help you make your training material more interesting, and there are no restrictions to the amount of courses you can create. Within their online learning platform, they also offer a Community element that works as a little social networking site. It's a terrific area for teams to engage with one another while training concurrently or remotely. They also offer a Team Leaderboard feature that encourages staff to finish all of their training in order to be recognized in the top 5.

Their technology allows you to build different learning groups in order to provide a more simplified experience for your team. Your administrative employees, for example, would require a different set of training than any staff engaged in safety-sensitive areas. Another helpful administrative feature is their system's ability to automate recurring emails for trigger events (such as training expiry dates and yearly or quarterly reminders), so you don't have to track staff down to ensure training compliance. Related article: Corporate LMS: How It Drives Business Success


 Tovuti features native integrations with more than 55 popular software applications and an open API. You may also have access to a plethora of additional applications by linking Tovuti to a Zapier account.


Tovuti LMS pricing starts at $775 USD/month for 50 users, with an extra setup charge. You may also view a free demo on their website.


SkyPrep is a sophisticated and user-friendly learning management system (LMS) that enables small businesses to easily teach their staff, clients, and partners. SkyPrep delivers an easy-to-use and intuitive platform designed for non-technical users to make learning enjoyable and seamless for both administrators and learners.

The current design, streamlined navigation, and fast user flows make everything simple, from reading information to accessing various platform features to accomplishing activities.

SkyPrep is recognized not just for delivering an easy-to-use LMS, but also for providing best-in-class customer service. Every premium plan client is assigned a single dedicated and skilled Customer Success Manager, and a specific action plan is developed to assist them get the most out of the product.

SkyPrep provides training easy and smooth for small organizations wishing to onboard new workers, upskill employees, teach consumers on their products, or meet regulatory needs.


 SkyPrep integrates with ADP, Google, Microsoft Office 365, PayPal, Salesforce, Zoom, and other services. Additional integrations are available with a premium Zapier subscription.


 SkyPrep pricing information is available upon request. You may also sign up for a 14-day free trial on their website.


EdApp is a mobile learning management system that is employed by well-known corporations such as Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Audi, Colgate, and Unitar. Their approach is ideal for providing bite-sized courses to workers who are not seated at a desk. They provide 1,000+ courses in their course library covering 40 content categories that you can personalize and brand to seem like your own to help you get up and running quickly. Retail, sales, hospitality, automotive, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, education, construction, and other industries are served.

Their microlearning technique, which is based on educational research, generates targeted learning bursts that are simpler for learners to understand and remember. This strategy works in tandem with their Brain Boost spaced repetition technology, which automatically distributes your course content into a series of follow-up questions to ensure information retention—including full metrics. They also provide a one-of-a-kind gamified learning experience, with 8 different types of gamified course content to pick from, such as true or false, Jeopardy, and image-word match.


EdApp is integrated with many popular HR software systems and SSO providers, including BambooHR, Cornerstone, Canva, Degreed, Deputy, Google Suite, iAuditor, Okta, SABA, SAP, Microsoft Office, Zapier, and others.


EdApp offers a freemium plan with limited functionality for an unlimited number of users—a perfect alternative for small businesses on a budget that want to test the waters before committing to a paying membership. Their premium plans begin at $1.95 USD per user per month. On their website, you can also request a free demo.


Employee training (e.g., onboarding, compliance, lifelong learning, and remote workforce training), department training (e.g., customer service, sales, and marketing), and external training are all supported by TalentLMS (e.g., customer, partner and extended enterprise training). You may build your own courses with a drag-and-drop interface that supports text, presentation files, and video material, or you can integrate extra elements like quizzes, tests, assignments, or surveys to evaluate learners at the conclusion of each course. TalentLMS may also be used to produce personalized course certificates to recognize training completion.

TalentLMS offers video conferencing and gives options for starting discussions, sending messages, and leaving course feedback to assist link employees who are doing training remotely. Furthermore, their system incorporates incentives for training completion, such as badges, points, awards, and a scoreboard, to gamify and enhance the learning experience.


BambooHR, GoToMeeting, Salesforce, Zapier, and Zoom are all integrated into TalentLMS. They also feature an API that may be used to facilitate further bespoke program integrations.


 TalentLMS offers a freemium option in which you may host 10 courses for up to 5 users. Following that, their premium plans begin at $69 USD/month for up to 40 people, with further possibilities to grow for bigger workforces.

LearnUpon LMS

LearnUpon LMS enables teams to produce dynamic material in a variety of forms that may be combined, such as extended, multi-part, or bite-sized training utilizing SCORM or xAPI files, video clips, or documents. Their platform, like other LMS systems on our list, has a plethora of engagement tools, such as badges and points, a leaderboard, and multimedia banners to highlight essential topics. You may also personalize their system to provide your staff training credits and completion certificates.

One feature of their technology that I enjoy is the option to divide your users into different groups via different learning portals. Because different types of personnel will have different types of training requirements, this helps to simplify each individual user's experience. By just displaying and accessing training that is relevant to them, the user experience will be better rather than crowded and confusing. You may also design learning routes that connect courses in sequential order, with guardrails for advancement criteria and completion deadlines.

LearnUpon's platform also has the option to automate critical functions including as reminders, notifications, and pre-scheduled reports. They also include a learner discussion forum, a rich learner-facing mobile app, and a real-time training dashboard. Furthermore, their technology is available in 20 different languages.


LearnUpon interacts with a variety of webinar solutions, such as Adobe Connect, GoToWebinar, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Zoom, as well as other widely used systems such as Salesforce, Degreed, and Zapier. Their webhooks and adaptable API also allow for extra custom program integrations.


 LearnUpon pricing information is available upon request. Through their website, you can also request a free demo or a free trial.

Easy LMS

Easy LMS training courses incorporate multimedia learning content such as custom text, graphics, audio, video, and presentation files into a unified user experience. You may also include features such as in-course quizzes, tests, or evaluations to monitor user involvement. Their site, like many other LMS systems on our list, is customizable so you can match it with your corporate logo, and it's also accessible in 24 languages.

Their Academy function serves as a single training repository from which all employees may quickly access and exchange training resources. From there, it's simple to manage a large number of courses and establish learning paths to ensure that your staff complete them in an organized manner. Administrators also have access to a data dashboard and tools for tracking employee progress and analyzing their outcomes individually or in relevant groups in order to identify training gaps and improve training compliance.


 Easy LMS software integrations may be obtained through their API or through a Zapier account, which provides access to many different online services.


 Easy LMS pricing begins with a set charge of $50 USD each month. Through their website, you can also request a free demo or a 7-day free trial.


360Learning is a sophisticated learning management system (LMS) that focuses on collaborative learning and assisting businesses in upskilling from within by tapping into their existing network of employee expertise. Their primary purpose is to facilitate knowledge exchange and real-time feedback in an engaging, user-friendly learning environment.

Course templates, cheat sheets, video recording capabilities, a variety of question and answer forms, and an answer correction function that increases information retention are among their creation tools. Their Knowledge Check tool keeps learners interested by occasionally quizzing them on things they previously learned to further test knowledge comprehension.

A combination of collaborative editing tools, as well as co-writing and group-level authoring tools, enables numerous authors to collaborate on content creation. Content creators may now access an unified feedback mailbox, making it easy to track recommendations rather than chasing pings and tags in different places. Learners can provide feedback at the activity level by adding a Reaction Score or a Relevance Score at the conclusion of each course to further enhance cooperation.


360Learning integrates with over 25 popular software solutions, including content solutions such as Busuu, Canva, Coursera, Genially, LinkedIn Learning, Loom, OpenClassrooms, SCORM, Skillsoft, and Udemy Business, as well as HCM systems such as BambooHR, Cornerstone, HiBob, and SAP SuccessFactors. Additionally, they have a Chrome plugin as well as interfaces with Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.


 360Learning pricing begins at $8 USD/user/month for up to 100 users. Through their website, you can also request a free demo or a 30-day free trial.


The LMS software from eloomi is well-suited for internal corporate training programs such as pre-boarding and onboarding, as well as managing ongoing training and compliance. To save time, you may develop your own content from scratch or select from their preloaded courses developed by award-winning subject matter experts. Their course material comprises over 20,000 modules covering everything from business skills and workplace fundamentals to health and safety and cyber security knowledge, among other topics. Related article: Comprehensive LMS Implementation: 10-step Guide.

Their pre-boarding and onboarding training tool is beneficial for companies experiencing rapid development since it allows you to streamline your introduction training while making a good first impression on new employees. You may design a new employee training checklist in eloomi that leads them through all they need to know and explains expectations. You may automate renewal reminders for continuing training so that no one's internal training falls through the gaps. Furthermore, their extensive training statistics are important for compliance purposes and are automatically supplied to human resources and compliance departments as you arrange it.

Performance management tools like as 360-degree evaluations, objectives and check-in tools, checklists, and performance assessments are all included in eloomi's system. As a result, their solution is a fantastic alternative for any small firm that need an LMS but does not yet have a performance management system in place. You can also use their technology to generate checklists for other processes and perform staff engagement surveys.


 Through its API, eloomi enables SSO and interacts with Natural HR, Sympa HR, and other software applications.


 Pricing information about eloomi is available upon request. On their website, you can also request a free demo.

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of our comparison of LMS software for small businesses. We hope this analysis has provided you with a good starting point for evaluating and selecting the best LMS for your purposes. Related article: How to Find App Developer for Your Business Requirements?

Do you utilize any of the LMS platforms I've looked at? If this is the case, please share your views and ideas in the comments area.

Maintaining a diversity of standards and norms is critical in increasing staff engagement, competency, and, eventually, corporate revenues. Businesses may create a secure and highly productive workplace and provide the best healthcare goods and services to society by making proactive use of the appropriate LMS. If you need help with LMS development, PioGroup is here to help you. 


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