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Real Food Instinct

Food Blog Website

The concept was to create a website that would serve as an online marketplace and provide inspiration for real food lovers. To accomplish this goal we developed a wide-format responsive site that provides real food news and healthy recipes, with integrated e-commerce solutions to sell products relevant to visitors of the site.

What we did
  1. A wide informative platform for customers who love real food and follow a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Large Blog where customers are able to find interesting and useful information about different diets, people who live healthily, and places which have a mission to provide you with a high-level service while catering to the ideals of healthy living.
  3. Ability to save, print and share your favourite recipes with friends on social networks
  4. Find and read about cafes and restaurants which provide food that meets specific diets.
We have developed a responsive design which can be viewed on any device, from desktop to mobile phone.

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